Sunday School Resumes September 5 at 9:00am !!!

There will not be an opening assembly, just go straight to class. Attendance will be recorded but no offerings collected. Please place all offerings in the offering plate in the vestibule.

There are classes for ALL ages. Youth will have a class for their age group, birth through high school.

For adults, we’re trying something different For the Fall Quarter:

  • If you‘d like to study the Bible in a lecture-type class, pick up your student quarterly from the front pew behind the piano in the Meeting Room. This class, for adults of all ages, will meet in the back of the Meeting Room each Sunday. Teachers are Gregory Peele and Melinda Caughron.

  • If you enjoy a class with discussion, there are 2 choices:

    • ​In the Clee Davis Classroom, the book of Daniel will be studied. This is a Beth Moore video/discussion group for adults of any age, led by Ken Caughron and Paul Aycock. Pick up your book from the classroom.

    • In Friends Hall, the video/discussion group topic is “Goliath Must Fall”, a study for adults of any age, that teaches how to bring down the “giants” in our lives. Leaders are Nina Fields and Willie Howell. Pick up your book from Friends Hall. You can listen to this class in your vehicle at 100.5 FM.

See you in Sunday School!